Editorial Board

Craig S. Maher, University of Nebraska Omaha
Bruce D. McDonald III, North Carolina State University

Book Review Editor
Meagan M. Jordan, Old Dominion University

Social Media Editor
Sarah E. Larson, Miami University

Editorial Assistant
Saman Afshan, North Carolina State University

Editorial Board
Carolyn Bourdeaux, University of Georgia
Beverly Bunch, University of Illinois Springfield
Laure Celerier, University of Ottawa
Eugenia Gorina, University of Texas at Dallas
Kenneth W. Hunter, City of Rocky Mount, NC
Philip G. Joyce, University of Maryland
Michelle L. Lofton, University of Georgia
Onyumbe E. Lukongo, Southern University and Agriculture & Mechanical College
Christine Martell, University of Colorado Denver
Dean Michael Mead, Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC
Charles E. Menifield, Rutgers University
Ben Noble, City of Seattle
Francisco Ordaz, U.S. Department of State
Michael Pagano, University of Illinois Chicago
Brian Sigritz, National Association of State Budget Offices
Samuel B. Stone, California State University, Fullerton
David Swindell, Arizona State University
Kurt Thurmaier, Northern Illinois University
Tammy R. Waymire, Governmental Accounting Standards Board
Kyle Wedberg, Government Finance Officers Association

Oversight Committee
John Hird, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Shayne Kavanagh, Government Finance Officers Association
Chris Morrill, Government Finance Officers Association
James Perry, Indiana University
Kyle Wedberg, Government Finance Officers Association